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Western Style Cowboy Boots

western style cowboy boots
western style cowboy boots
cowboy boots Cowboy boots got their start as early as 1630, when the first pair of boots with high tops, pointed toes, and two-inch heels was designed.  Throughout the years, various styles of boots were designed for those who rode horses, from the aristocracy to those in the military, but it wasn't until the 1880s that the cowboy boot emerged as a distinct style.  Like today's models, early cowboy boots featured stovepipe tops, star and horseshoe inlays, stitch patterns, and high heels.

Cowboy boot styles have changed over time, and various colors and designs have been introduced.  A person truly experienced with cowboy boot history might actually be able to tell what region a cowboy boot comes from, based on its style.

old leather cowboy boots When first introduced there were four variations of the cowboy boot — the Dress Wellington, Full Wellington, lace-up Packer, and Hollywood style.  When we think of cowboy boots today we think of the Hollywood style, with the seam running up the back and carving and stitching on the top panel.

Today, cowboy boots come in two major varieties — boots for work and fashionable boots.  Cowboys who spend long hours riding, roping, and caring for cattle require cowhide leather boots that breathe well and offer protection from snakes, bramble, barbed wire, or other hazards.  The heel on the cowboy boot prevents a rider's foot from going through the stirrup.

Fashionable cowboy boots can be found in many other places than on the ranch, in a variety of colors and styles.  Cowboy boots are a fashion statement today even among city dwellers as well as a fascinating subject for Western art paintings.  In addition to cowhide, these boots can be made from exotic leathers and skins such as buffalo, elephant, or ostrich as well as alligator, lizard, or snakeskin.

For a more economical and practical alternative, cowhide leather can be altered to look like some of the more exotic materials.

Shop for Cowboy Boots and Western Wear

  • Sheplers
    Sheplers has a large selection of cowboy boots, including men's boots, ladies' boots, children's boots, and boot care products.
  • Cowtown Boots
    This Texas boot maker and Western Wear retailer offers Dan Post, Acme, and Dingo cowboy boots as well as boots made from exotic leathers.
  • Langstons
    Established in 1913, Langston's is a Western Wear retailer located in Oklahoma.  Their stores and website offer an extensive range of quality cowboy boots and related Western apparel.
black cowboy boots brown cowboy boots

Cowboy Boot Manufacturers

  • Justin Boots
    This venerable boot maker, now a Berkshire Hathaway company, is dedicated to producing Western cowboy boots with quality materials, style and workmanship.  In 1879, H. J. Justin founded the Justin Boot Company to produce high quality, comfortable boots.  Originally created as cowboy work boots, Justin boots are available today in a wide range of styles and prices to suit a variety of tastes.  Justin is noted for introducing the popular Roper style boot and the tough Justin Workboot.
  • Tony Lama Boots
    This boot maker features Western style leather boots with a handcrafted fit.  In 1887, Grover Cleveland was President of the USA, the automobile was not yet invented, and Tony Lama was born to Italian immigrant parents.  Although there are no records of his early life, we do know that Lama was orphaned at age 11.  An uncle apprenticed the young lad to a Syracuse, New York shoemaker, where he learned the boot and leatherworking trades.
  • Lucchese Boots
    Founded in 1883, Lucchese offers handmade boots that are synonymous with quality, comfort and style.  Owning a pair of Lucchese boots says that you demand the best in materials, construction, and craftsmanship.  For those who appreciate the finer things in life, no other Western boot brand compares to a Lucchese.
  • L.M. Easterling
    Order hand made custom and stock size boots, belts, and accessories.
  • Olathe Boot Company
    This Texas boot company features a century old tradition of handmade cowboy boots.
  • Double-H Boots
    This Pennsylvania boot maker offers a wide range of boots for men, women, and children.
  • Anderson Bean Boots
    Anderson Bean is a South Texas company that features high quality, medium-priced, leather western boots.
  • Nocona Boots
    This boot company, founded in 1925, offers western boots in sizes 3 to 16 and widths AAAA to EEE.
  • Durango Boot
    Western, safety, and lifestyle footwear for men and women.
  • Ariat International
    Advanced footwear for Western riders and enthusiasts.
  • Bowman's Wilson Boots
    Handmade cowboy boots and hats – proudly made in the USA.
  • CABoots
    Champion Attitude boots is a fourth-generation cowboy boot company that specializes in quality, custom cowboy boots.

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